This blog was created for my clients and others out there who wanted information about treatments, and why we recommend the treatments, products, ingredients that are in the products that we recommend, and tips and tricks that you can do at home to help get the most out of your salon services.

I also would like to talk randomly every once in a while, about pretty things, interesting things and sometimes will talk about my travels.

I feel like every industry creates their own language that people on the outside of that circle don’t understand. I want to be able to explain the esthetic jargon, and the nail tech slang- the hair stylist lingo… to the client in a way they will easily understand.

My audience doesn’t necessarily have to be just clients, I feel like we can all learn from each other and when we all get together and start to network and share ideas, I never walk away without having learned something new. So I hope the information can also be helpful to people in the Cosmo/ Esthetic/Nail profession as well as to my clients and other clients out there that get services done by us.

I hope I can bridge the gap between the Service Provider and the Client, not that it’s a large gap, because in this industry, we are full of open nurturing people who want to make people feel better. So as industry providers we do usually explain what is happening and how, I hope this blog will provide some resources and ideas to make it easier to do that.

This industry is changing and evolving so quickly that sometimes my head literally feels like it is spinning. Technology is so big right now in the nano-technology field that products for the skin are starting to be absolutely amazing!! Every year major product lines are completely revamping their product lines to include better products that are more active and targeted to specific problems… it’s so exciting!! The future is very bright and promising for this industry. There is so much for us to talk about!! (or blog about!)

Come back often and check out my Instagram and Facebook pages as well, they will keep you informed as to when there are new bits and articles to read. Also don’t forget to check out my website www, and of course… if you are in my area come in!!! Call me, Text me, Get online and make an appointment to indulge in one of these services! You’ll be glad you did!!!

My name is Debbie Payne and I am a Master Esthetician and Nail Technician. I also am a Nail Technician Instructor. I have done nails for over 27 years, I worked at a busy salon in Orem, Utah, Seasons Salon and Day Spa from January 2011 to November 2015 doing nails. During that time I apprenticed to be a Master Esthetician. I have completely immersed myself in all things skincare since then and I can’t learn enough about it. I moved into my own salon in November of 2015 and I am enjoying being able to come up with an idea and put it into practice. Glo Beauty Studios is an evolving place and I hope to be able to make it great now and in the future. In my personal and spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, I have two sons the oldest married with a little baby girl that just turned 2 years old. My youngest son got his Bachelor’s degree from UVU in Environmental Science and he is working towards getting more education as soon as his wife gets done with Hygiene School.  My husband and I still enjoy spending time together after 30 years (which is great to find out when you go through the empty nest stage.) We Love to Camp, Jeep, and Hunt and my Boat is my Guilty Obsession. I would be a crying, spoiled brat without it. Lake Powell is our favorite place to go boating. We love to spend time with our friends that have similar interests and obsessions. Love to do a little traveling and would love to add a little more traveling to my “passport book”.  The hubby and me had a relaxing getaway for our 30th anniversary last November, we have never gone and spent more than a few days together at a resort, we always go along or take friends and family with us. This time it was just the two of us and we found we really enjoyed being together. We decided to make it a tradition and are planning another trip for the 31st anniversary.

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