The Truth about the Lash Lift

As an esthetician I am always looking for additional services to add to my menu. Elleebana’s lash lift is the newest service that I have added.

This service is well worth the time and effort that it takes to make your lashes semi-permanently curled.

Check out the results that you get from this 30 minute service.

Along with the lash lift, this client wanted to get the semi permanent mascara, which added length and texture to her lashes. I think she is going to be so happy with her lashes on her upcoming boating trip. So nice to have the look of make-up with no hassle of putting it on or having it smudge or run while playing in the water.

Call or text me to book your appointment and have lashes as beautiful as hers!!


Book now to receive a discount on the Semi-permanent mascara when you have a last lift at the same time.

Lash Lift $59.00  Semi-Permanent Mascara $49.00 discounted $20 when done together!


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