I knew I was a Mermaid All Along!

My blog is called Mermaids Juju because I feel like I am the girl who goes around trying to be in the world and be serious, and smart, and kind, honest and true and beautiful. I try to be all of these things, and then I see something sparkly, or vividly colorful, even a touching moment between individuals, and I get off track. I get distracted. I want to collect these things, these visions, these moments, these chattels, into a treasure box and keep them close to me. I want to possess them, own them, hold them in my hands and let them sift through my fingers. Then I want to lock them up in my treasure box, to keep them safe, and go collect more.

I just was reading through my about page, and thought, no– this is not my about. I am more about the title of my page then the contents.

So I decided I would research what Mermaids were all about. What are their character traits? I was shocked and amazed at this reading that I found on this website. http://williammistele.com/finaltraits1019.htm

I read out to me like a horoscope. One that is dead set correct. One that gives you a little shiver up and down your spine, simply because it is accurate to how I’m feeling about who I am.

it goes like this:

Traits of Mermaid Women

Nature—they feel united to nature at the core of their being.

Time—time is not real for them.

Psychic Empathy—they literally feel what others feel.

Emotional Independence and Detachment—though empathic, they are also detached. They have no need to bond with others.

Relationships—they realize that men cannot love as they love.

Innocence (and Being Uninhibited)—their innocence and uninhibited sensuality are beyond human understanding.

On Human Beings—to put it mildly, they see human beings as not being fully alive.

Secretive—they are adept at concealing who they are from others.

Death—they see death as a transition by which they go home.



This is me! The one trait I kind of don’t agree with is Emotional Independence and Detachment. I feel part of this is true, but I am bonded with a few choice people in my world. My husband, my children, my grandchild, and very few choice friends.

I don’t make bonds with friends easily. I am friendly, but I don’t actually consider you my friend if we don’t have an actual bond. These bonds are conditional as well. I am not a three chances and your out kind. If my friends hurt me, they aren’t given another chance. I won’t be subject to pain twice. By hurt, I don’t just mean hurt my feelings or have a disagreement. If you are my friend, I let a lot of things slide, I am understanding that we won’t always see eye to eye. I am talking about true hurt, like, something that I can’t forget about. Something that causes enough pain to rip that piece of my heart that I held you in, away.

When I bond with friends I am not looking for someone who is just like me, I am looking for someone that has traits that I don’t have, traits that I admire, but know I can’t maintain. I see beauty in contrast and I appreciate variety.

On the other hand, my family, can hurt me everyday, three times a day and I will still hold that bond with them close to my heart. They are like the gems at the bottom of my treasure box. The most coveted, and guarded. Without them in my life, I could not remain truly alive.

So… Mermaids Juju.

That is what I write about. The things that distract me from everyday.

I hope they can give my readers a distraction too.