Glo Beauty Studios: the launch

Friday May 5, 2017, my friend and now business partner signed a five year lease on our new salon space.


Glo First Picture

Here we are, contracts in hand, excited as can be, and shaking in our flip flops at the same time.

This will be the last time you’ll see the bones of these walls. That in itself is really cool to think about.

We have decided on Glo Beauty Studios for our name. Let yourself Glo! We had a logo made and we are doing all these businessy things.

A lot of people go into the salon business seeing the world through rose colored glasses, thinking it’s going to be a gold mine. Salons are only a gold mine if you work very hard and get them to the point that your debt is really low. By work really hard I mean putting in long days and nights, working on the weekends and being focused on the prize.

What’s the prize? Well, I think it’s when you start hearing your name in other places, randomly without introduction. Or… upon introduction you find out they know who you are. I believe some people call this branding.

So here’s to the future of Glo Beauty Studios!! May we be recognized in many random corners of our community in the months and years to come.Screenshot (74)

P.S. How do you like our logo?