Still Not a Morning Person

I don’t remember ever wanting to get up in the morning.

I probably did get up in the wee hours of the morning as a small child, but that, I don’t recall. The mornings I do remember, I know I just wanted to stay in bed for an undefined amount of time, thinking that at some point it would be a magical moment and I would get out of bed singing. Arms outstretched reaching with the sun rays, big smile on my face and ready to make the day happen.


I don’t wake up in a bad mood. I don’t have a scowl, and I don’t tell people not to talk to me for any amount of time while I wake up. If I had to define my temperament, It would go like this:

Void of mood or condition. Unable to form any thoughts, or initiate any activity.

Drives my man crazy!

He wakes up like turning on the light switch. Asleep, now awake. Just like that. I’m padding around the kitchen putting things back in the pantry that should go in the fridge, wondering how that spoon got out already and holding another in my hand that I just got out of the drawer. I think after 29.33333 years of marriage he has learned not to ask me anything important… I hope he knows I don’t try to act benumbed. I don’t try to give him a blank stare for an awkward amount of time before putting the words in order and interpreting what he just said.

My Mother used to tell me that someday I wouldn’t be able to sleep that long. Someday I would wake up on the weekends at 6:00 and not be able to go back to sleep. I do that, but I feel like I shouldn’t get up yet. I feel like I should keep horizontal until I have that light switch turned on. I fight it so hard, keeping my eyes closed even though I can hear everything around me, and I am somewhat conscious.

I distinctly remember the moment I realized that my husband and I were totally opposite in the morning, it was 7:42 am November 28, 1987. We had been married the day before, and this was the first morning waking up beside my now husband. We had only been in our honeymoon suite bed for 4 hours, but it was time to get up for him. What a shock!!!

I had to go get blood drawn for lab work this morning. I had to go fasting this time because it’s the yearly complete work up. All of my hormone levels, cholesterol… the whole works. I kept wondering; what are all these people doing this early? The rest of the world had been up for possibly hours but I can barely drive myself to the lab.

It was so beautiful though! The colors were so vibrant, runners finishing their morning workout, quail padding along in fast forward. Doves calling out– dogs barking (this one drives me mad)

I am still walking in cursive.

Alas, Good Morning! I hope you all have a beautiful rest of your day!!


Comment below and let me hear about how you are in the morning. Do you wake up like a switch turning on or are you more like a late sunrise?

4 thoughts on “Still Not a Morning Person

  1. There was a time when every morning I used to wake up with my heart racing and not knowing the reason but I used to get out of the bed that very moment leaving that bad moment behind and looking forward to meet the world waiting for me,the people who care about me. You have to be desperate to leave the place you Don’t wanna be in or to get rid of a particular feeling and we eventually succeed in doing that because we always get what we truly want. All you have to be is determined.

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