Chemical Peel for Me!

I am not well adept at taking a selfie. I always end up making myself look like I have a huge nose, and I feel like it captures my worst attributes.

With that, here’s my selfie. šŸ¤³


For some reason people always take selfies in their car. Have you ever wondered why? I think it might be attributed to the great lighting. Natural light coming in and being filtered by the glass so as not to be such harsh bright light.

I also think we run out of our houses not really noticing how we look, jump in the car, check the rear view mirror and there we are. Fix the hair, touch up the lips, and check our teeth for cling on’s. Now we are ready to go.

The purpose of my selfie today was to talk about chemical peels. I have been giving my clients all kinds of peels and they have been getting such great results, I decided to give myself one. The peel I chose today was Image Skincare’s Wrinkle Lift.


I’m feeling like I need a little skin tightening brightening action. This peel will deliver the resultsā€‹ I’m after. I applied it to my face, neck and decolletĆ©.

The Image peels are results driven ingredients, but the side effects are so minimal, I don’t get the burning or excessive skin shedding that some peels deliver. I’ll get dry patches but that will be the extent of my discomfort. If I stay on top of my home care regimen, I might not even get too dry.

I have to use a mild cleanser for the next 5 days, one without retinol so I don’t overdo the exfoliation process that I have already amped up with my peel. My choice is the Image Vital C Moisturizing Cleanser.

Next, I’ll use a highly moisturizing serum, the purpose of the serum is to get the healing and moisturizing ingredients to absorb deeper into the layers of the epidermis. That is why serums are usually thin consistency, sometimes even an oil like feel. The molecular size of the ingredients found in serums is so much smaller than the creams it will absorb deeper and help to heal faster. There’s a fair amount of hyaulornic acid in this serum that I use, also from Image, Vital C intense moisturizing serum. The hyaulornic acid retains a thousand times it’s weight in water. That’s a great ingredient to have to prevent stress to the skin, and to prevent premature aging. Ā That’s what I’m after here. Preventing premature aging. Although I don’t think in my case it is actually premature, I’m 47. Aging is happening. I’m trying to put the brakes on to avoid a runaway train.

Lastly, my home care regimen is going to need some UV Protection. I choose the Image Skincare’s Prevention+ Matte Moisturizer. It has 32 SPF and it makes my skin feel like I have a layer of silk on it. Did I mention the smell? Oh!! The scent of this lotion is divine. Everytime I use this on a facial client for the first time they come awake with the scent of this amazing product. I can almost mime along with them the words, “Oh! That smells so good, what is that?”

I end my at home skincare regimen with I Conceal, again from Image, it’s a foundation that has 30 SPF, and comes in 5 different shades, I alternate between the beige, and the suede, depending on the time if the year. The summer months I use the suede to match my tanned skin.

I’ll wait 3 to 4 weeks and repeat the peel. The results of this kind of modality can’t be judged until you have completed a series of at least 3 procedures. So I’ll give an update at the end of my treatments and see how well it worked for me.

If you have any interest in purchasing the products I have highlighted in this post, please comment at the bottom of the page, I can ship them out to you.

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