I have great genetics as far as aging goes, but Metabolism… a whole different life! My parents both were skinny kids, that grew up to struggle with their metabolism, and I followed right in their footsteps.

I have tried what seems to me like every dang diet out there. I hate them all. Why can’t I just eat whatever I want and maintain a healthy weight? Well, maybe because I hate exercise too. I like to be active, I like swimming , and hiking, walking the dogs, dancing is soo fun! I love to dance! But if you call it a workout, count me out!! I have always said that running is for when your being chased, but lately, I like to say, I can’t run, I’m a mermaid.

mermaid t (2)

So the hubby and I just started another diet. Ehhh. But it does seem to be working. It’s Friday and I have lost 5 pounds since Monday. That is on the kickstart phase of this diet we’re on. It won’t be that dramatic after I get through this first week. We’re on a plan called GoLo. This first week you are really restricted on what protein you eat. Chicken, Turkey and Fish. No red meat or pork. No dairy, no grains, but they do allow some good carbs. There is a serving of carbs allowed in every breakfast and lunch.

Next week we can start into some good whole grain breads, some brown rice and greek yogurt. But today, I should be planning out a menu, grocery shopping and preparing foods for next week, instead I chose to catch up on my blog.

I wanted to blog my weight loss journey, but this could just be a “day trip” or a “weekend getaway” and then that would be a flop. I do plan to follow this diet for a while and lose weight, but summer is coming and it’s so hard to follow a diet when you have outdoor fun plans. So we shall see how successful I am this time. If I keep having success I will post some updates. If I fail, you won’t hear another thing about it. Haha!!

How many of you out there have the same struggle as I do? I feel like I’m the only one on the planet like this, but maybe there are some of you out there that can relate to my dilemma.Comment below (scroll clear down to the bottom to comment) If you are struggling with me. I would love to know I’m not the only one.



3 thoughts on “Freaking Diets!!! I hate ‘Em!

  1. I hate diets too! My weight has fluctuated so much over the years, but it seems I have found my average lifetime weight.. So essentially I’ve given up. I LOVE the idea of healthy living. I’m not a very active person, but I love hikes!

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    1. Thank you!! I struggle with weight! I hope this new plan can work for me. Low thyroid keeps me from losing all the weight on every other plan. I try to just be happy with my inner self, but I think I’m just overall, too vain. Haha!


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