Skin Bleaching and Lightening

Do you have an uneven complexion that really gets to you? You can cover some of it up with make-up, but you , being your own worst critic can still see it.

I know of a skin care ingredient in products that can combat this. It’s called Hydroquinone.  It inhibits the overproduction of pigment in your skin.

There are peels to give you a jump start in calming the dark spots, and then the follow up skin care should help to diminish them down to nothing.

There are side effects of attacking your skin with all the hydroquinone that you can get your hands on, If it is used incorrectly, it can cause skin lightening, So take caution and never use Hydroquinone for more than 3 months at a time. Give your skin a rest for 6 months and then you can start back up with a good skin lightening program. My favorite two products for skin lightening, are Image skin cares Iluma line,  skin lightening serum or the Bleaching serum.

iluma_intense_bleaching_serum_2-73x300 (2)

There is another treatment that I have recently gotten my hands on called the skin sheek machine, it is similar to the skin classic machine but it has different features so it gets the job done in a different way. This machine will take off skin tags, small capillary veins that people usually get around their nose and above the cheek bones, sun spots, cherry angiomas,  dries up acne, and other non vascular skin irregularities. It does this by  means of High frequency, that goes in and destroys the cell walls so the dark cells of a brown spot disappear in a matter of weeks.

So theres’s a few ideas about how to get rid of the sun spots or age spots, or liver spots, whatever you want to call them, there’s a way to diminish them or get rid of them all together.

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Here’s to even skin tones!!