Professional Skin Care Products vs Over the Counter Skin Care Products

Part of most skin care services start out by asking a few basic questions;

What are your concerns about your skin?

What products are you using at home?

It is sometimes hard to proceed from here without a really hefty explanation. I hear some telling me they use Nuetrogena, others say Cetaphil was recommended by their dermatologist. It’s something I hate to hear and this is why:

Most of the serums night and day creams and body products that you find at your local drug store, grocery store, or even at some big box retailers would be considered OTC products. They have a wide range of prices and the least expensive ones are usually least expensive because of the packaging, not what is inside. OTC products are regulated by the FDA and they require the product to fit a range of skin care concerns, so they really are not meant to target a specific problem. They are only required to contain up to 70% pure ingredients, the rest can comprise of fillers, preservatives, perfumes and dyes.

Salon skin care is a professionally recommended product for what your concerns and conditions of your skin are.  They are targeted with active ingredients and have an FDA requirement to be 99% pure ingredients. The skin care line I use in my salon is Pharmaceutical Grade. It must be backed up by scientific studies, and must be a benefit to the effect on the skins function or structure. So in a nutshell, these products are required to get the specific job that they claim to do done. Diminishing brown spots, reducing wrinkles, providing hydration and so forth. These products have to prove that they work before hitting the shelves of the salons.

There are so many benefits to using a professional skincare product. but a few that I can throw out there off the top of my head are:

  • Active ingredients– 99% pure active ingredients. No dilution of product. You will see results from the professional products, I have a hard time believing any wrinkle cream that I buy from the grocery store will actually do that. 70% vs 99%. I’d choose to spend my money on the one that had the best ingredients.
  • A little bit goes a long way– most of the products that I sell are very effective with only a small amount of product. So the bottle of night cream that you buy from me, if used as directed should last longer than an OTC products ounce for ounce. (or mL for mL). Making it more cost effective even though the overall price is higher.
  • Professional products are professionally recommended. I hold a license issued to me by the State of Utah that I earned after studying many hours on the subject of the skin. I have since attended many more hours of continuing education, and I have a working knowledge of ingredients that are in skin care products. Do you have that kind of recommendation while standing there at the shelves of the drug store? Not usually.

Many people out there I’m sure think that I just want to make more money when I recommend these products for you to take home and use. That’s partially true, in the sense that I am running a business and I need to make money to sustain that. But the real reason I recommend my products for your home care regimen is this: The skincare products you take home are going to make or break the service that you just invested your time and money into. The fillers and preservatives in OTC products that we talked about already… they will undo some of the great things you just did for your complexion. I want my clients to get great results from the service I perform on them so I want the continuation of the service to be with products that will support whatever skin concern we addressed. That’s why I try to sell my products. Not just to make money.

So maybe next time you get a recommendation from a professional skin care provider, you will have this insight and understand it a little better. Maybe you wont feel so railroaded by the additional cost of your home skin care regimen. Maybe you’ll see the same worth in a great professional skin care line as I do.