Coffee!!! Do I love it? Or is it the sweetener that I love?

Oh my morning coffee… how do I love you??

coffee  Or do I just love the way I make my coffee? I can’t really say I love coffee black. I’m not a Starbucks girl, I kind of describe myself as a coffee snob. I bring my own coffee with me most everywhere I go. So I’m not disappointed when it tastes like sludge. Or I’m not appalled when it is see through, something I think should never happen!! LOL!

Overnight trips to the ski resort with my friends, I bring the coffee. Weekend trips staying at the motor inns in small towns, I bring my own coffee. BUT… I also never forget my sweetener- or my cream.

This is what my morning coffee looks like. Real cream, right out of the carton, and Stevia vanilla cream sweetener. my coffee

I put the cream in on the bottom of the empty cup, just about to the 1/8th inch mark, then I squeeze in a dropper full of the vanilla cream sweet drops. Then- add the hot brew of my own special coffee that I get from Caffe Ibis. It mixes up with the cream and sweet drops as it fills up the cup, so (lazy as it might seem, some people will think I’m smart) I don’t dirty another spoon. Peruvian Rainforest is my favorite kind from Caffe Ibis but I like several others, but they MUST be organic. I buy it by the five pound bag. That is an insight of how much I love it. My husband and I go through a twelve cup pot, every morning, sometimes we even brew a little more. My house cleaner, (I don’t like the term maid, she simply cleans my house, really good.) is disappointed if she arrives Tuesday mornings and there is no coffee left, so on Tuesdays, I always brew a little more, just for her 🙂 . But don’t tell her, she thinks its just the leftover coffee that we don’t drink. She would be embarrassed to think I do it for her. She however does love coffee, she drinks it black. I think that’s a true sign of being a coffee lover. I think I might be a poser. With all the cream and sweet stuff I put in mine.

I am not a fair weather coffee drinker either, I drink it at Lake Powell in the 90+ degree mornings. I have even been known to pack my own drip coffee maker, if I find that the place I’m staying doesn’t have one. I don’t drink coffee during the day or at night usually. Although, I think when I do, I can’t say that the caffeine keeps me awake. I think I’m just used to the caffeine intake.

I have yet to find a coffee maker I am in love with though, I have had a theory for the past 3 or so years that I just get the cheapest Mr. Coffee coffee maker, because they all suck after a couple of months. But one of my clients and dear friend (that’s what happens with clients after they have been coming to you for years and years, they become your friends.) Might be a bigger coffee connoisseur than me. She swears by the Cuisinart coffee maker, and then she puts hers in a commercial coffee pump, so it lasts all day.

I would love any suggestions on your favorite coffee maker. It does get old having to buy one every few months.

I was intending to write about the amazing benefits of coffee for the skin and hair, but I got distracted. Isn’t that how it goes when you are so in love with someone? Oh, I mean something. 🙂 I just started rambling about how much I love to drink it, so instead of making this post ten miles long, I’ll save the skin and hair benefits for another time.

Leave your comments below on what kind of coffee you like, how you concoct it to your liking, what do you put in your cup? And as I mentioned before, what kind of coffee maker you think is the best.

Thanks for reading, but for now I gotta go, my coffee is needing to come out. (Just pee, don’t think gross thoughts! 🙂 )