Beauty Sleep… not a myth!!!


There is something to be said for beauty sleep. The body’s natural clock kicks the blood flow into gear before bed, hence the sleepy eyes, (yes, they are red and itchy). That’s the blood flow starting to happen.

After the blood starts to create activity in your skin, Hormones get to work on repairing environmental damage that happens to us during the day. Human growth hormone starts to work in the first three hours of sleep, so don’t skip out, it doesn’t happen if you go to bed at 2 in the morning, you must start your sleep cycle between 8 and 11 PM to reap the benefits of the HGH.

Sometime after this in the middle two hours of the night between 11pm and 2 am, the melatonin hormone starts working and acts as a skin protecting antioxidant.

The last hours of sleep are the most crucial for skin. At this stage, the muscles are at rest, and the skins temperature drops to its lowest point. Cell renewal is happening now.

So you can see why it is so important to wash the days germs off of your skin before bed. This is something I have been guilty of skipping, but I really shouldn’t, and you shouldn’t either!! Your skin needs the benefit of being clean and well moisturized so it can breathe and regenerate. It is said to not use heavy moisturizers before bed, use serums and lighter creams so the oxygen can get a good flow.

If you are a back sleeper, you’ll get the best out of your beauty sleep. Studies have shown that side sleepers show more lines and wrinkles on the side that they sleep on most often. Using a silk or satin pillow case can be a remedy for this. Silk helps keep moisture close to your skin and will help your skin stay more hydrated than many fabrics on the market . And, it’s hypoalergenic!


Now, get some sleep!!

Incidentally, I found a great link you can check out. Slip Silk Pillowcase They sell a variety of colors and even sleep masks and the webpage goes further into why a silk pillow case is a no brainier for those of us that want to age gracefully.

silk pillow

Available for purchase at Nordstrom, SephoraAnthropologie, and other fine retailers.

Lots of colors to choose from, I can imagine how great it feels to sleep on one of these! I’m going shopping before bed!!