Let’s Talk Nail Shapes


Across the table from my clients- it’s one of the first questions I ask; What shape would you like your nails? It seems like an easy question and it seems like it would be easy to answer, but it sometimes takes a minute to understand because, let’s face it there are a few choices, and we can customize your choice to somewhere in between any of these choices too. So I went looking for a good visual and found a great one on Pinterest by NCLA Nail Wraps. Not only great visual on the shapes but I loved the nail art. Big Thumbs Up for the Pic!!

nail shapes


If I could wear long nails and still do facials and esthetic services, I would always be seen wearing the ballerina shaped nail. This shape is my favorite. I wore the square for years and years. And now mine are just short and squoval so I don’t scratch anyone while doing services.

What is your favorite shape? If you could wear any shape you wanted what would it be?