Hyaluronic Acid? It Sounds So Scary!!


So what’s all the hype about hyaluronic acid anyway?  Why would anyone want to apply acid to their skin?

Okay, you’re so right! Why do we have to go scarring you about acids and telling you that it’s the best thing for your skin!! Why can’t we call it by another less intimidating name? I’m not sure why certain products hit the market and don’t try to help consumers feel more at ease about using them. There is in fact another name that we all could have been happy with on this one and it is hyaluronan.

At any rate… Hyaluronic acid, or hyaluronan is really great and one of the reasons we as estheticians love to use it and see our clients use it, is that it is a natural component of our skin and it’s already present in the tissues that we are focusing our attention on. It regenerates, but slower and slower as we age, so if we can supplement the content that we have already we might be able to slow down the aging process.  If it’s already there– we know that it’s a safe bet that everyone can safely benefit from it.

But there’s still more to be excited about!! One of the best attributes of Hyaluronic acid is its ability to hold water. One gram of this stuff can hold up to six liters of water!!! Our biggest concern about aging is moisture content in the skin. When it loses moisture it also loses the firmness and pliability.

You may always hear your esthetician refer to your skins barrier—what we are meaning here is, the outer layers of your skin. Hyaluronic acid can improve the moisture content, and that strengthens the barrier making your skin feel softer, smoother and plumper.

Sun damage, acne, rosacea and sensitive skin all need mild ingredients that won’t further irritate the skin and because hyaluronic acid has skin-identical ingredients we can be sure that it will be helpful in getting to the bottom of all of these issues. Annnndddd…… It is also safe to use while pregnant and nursing. Yeah!!!

So let me humbly and (kinda boldly) apologize for scaring you in thinking that you might be using some toilet bowl cleaning, tile floor scrubbing, boys gym locker cleaning acid—- on your face.  I so wish that when we (not me personally, but the cosmeceutical world that I’m a little bit connected to) were developing products and services that we could come up with better names that made you, the client feel better about your product that we were applying and recommending that you take home and apply to your face and body.